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Salazar Roofing and Construction is proud to offer roofing repair, replacement, and new roof installations in Edmond, Oklahoma. Our team of certified roofing contractors has been servicing Edmond and the surrounding cities for over 40 years. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in our work and our local community here in Oklahoma. Homes in Edmond Oklahoma are continuing to increase in value, by renovating your home, installing a new roof, or adding square footage, you can increase the overall value of your home.

Roofing Services Offered In Edmond

As full-service roofing contractors in Edmond, Oklahoma, we are excited to offer the following solutions for homeowners and commercial property owners in Edmond.

Residential Roofing Services in Edmond

For more than 40 years, the Salazar family has been the most trusted residential roofing company in Edmond, Oklahoma. Over the years, we have helped thousands of Oklahoma families recover and restore their homes. Whether it’s catastrophic damage caused by a tornado, hail damage caused by a severe thunderstorm, or an aged roof that’s been beaten up by harsh Oklahoma weather – our Edmond roofers team has been there. We’re proud to have served Edmond, Oklahoma, for so long, and we’re just getting started.

Services Offered To Edmond Homeowners

• Storm Damage Repair in Edmond
• Roof Repair in Edmond
• Roof Replacement in Edmond
• Gutter Installation and Repair

Commercial Roofing Services in Edmond

Our Edmond roofing team sets the standard for excellence in commercial roofing. Backed by more than forty years in the industry, our experienced roofing contractors in Edmond have completed hundreds of commercial projects over the years. We provide commercial repair and maintenance services for small, local business to complex installations for large-scale projects with complete roofing systems. We work directly with property owners in Edmond to identify and assess areas of concern, then develop repair plans that meet timelines and budgets.

• Commercial Roof Repair in Edmond
• Commercial Roof Replacement in Edmond

Roofing Services Offered In Edmond

The Salazar Roofing & Construction team is proven and poised to tackle construction projects of any size or complexity. Our Edmond Roofing team is well-versed in the details of both commercial and residential construction projects that are currently trending in Edmond, Oklahoma. We’ve made our mark on Oklahoma communities with beautiful and lasting homes and corporate spaces. Let us go to work for you today.

• Home Renovations in Edmond
• Construction Contracting in Edmond

roof installation and repair Edmond ok

The Salazar team of Roofing and Construction Contractors in Edmond will help you redesign the look and feel of your property – both on the inside and the outside. Our team will work with you to rework the interior floor plan of your home. We can add additional square footage to the existing layout, expand upward with second story add-ons, enhance the beauty of the exterior, and update the overall design aesthetic of your Edmond home.

As local Oklahoma roofing and construction contractors, our team specializes in residential construction projects that help Edmond homeowners expand and maximize their existing living space. Our Edmond roofers team will design a construction plan for renovating your property, that ensures the integrity of the original structure while meeting your goals for functionality and overall appeal.

Real estate in Edmond Oklahoma continues to rise, re-roofing, remodeling, and adding on to your home is sure to increase the value of the property for future resell.

Edmond is quickly growing into a desired destination for Oklahoma residents and those living outside of the state. The city of Edmond continues to experience growth, and business in Edmond continue to grow and build upon the foundations set by the founders of Edmond, Oklahoma. We are excited to be a part of this growing community and look forward to working on your roofing or remodeling project as you prepare to make upgrades to your Edmond property.

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Salazar Roofing & Contruction is an established roofing company in Edmond , Oklahoma, with seven established offices throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Kansas, you can count on Salazar Roofing to stand by their work and be there long after the job is complete. Salazar makes your roofing project easy, and simple by:

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